Family of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and Operational Systems for Next-Generation Air Dominance

UAVs Systems-of-Systems Architecture to Bridge the Global-Strike Gap for air superiority and information superiority for deterrence and defence

Our mission is to innovate and design the family of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle system, subsystems, and operational mission concepts that would be significant for future military readiness. Most importantly, put global partners together to develop and build a next-generation UAV fighting force for air superiority and deterrence.


"Russia’s aggression against Ukraine poses the gravest threat to Euro-Atlantic security in decades, shattering peace in Europe and reinforcing the need for NATO to ensure that its deterrence and defence posture is credible and effective".  NATO research paper deterrence and defence.

The U.S. Air Force Studies

"fully exploit the potential of UAVs, the Air Force must think of them as new and complete systems with a new combination of advantages and disadvantages, rather than as vehicles with a single outstanding characteristic or as a slight variant of an existing vehicle. Thus, advances must be made across the board, including concepts of operation, platform, weapon, mission systems technologies, and especially, human systems".

EQQUERA Family of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles- Mother Hen and Parasite Chicks

Our Mission: was started in 2008 by innovating and designing concepts that comprise the full spectrum of airborne communications platforms that would support all unmanned and manned systems to communicate with or without satellite communications platforms. The key objective of this novel idea is to enhance Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance capabilities in the Arctic region. Later recognized that the family of UAVs has significant potential capabilities that can contribute to air superiority for future military readiness.

Our Vision: further focus on innovating and designing a concept that comprises the full spectrum of airborne communications platforms that support all unmanned and manned systems to communicate with or without satellite communications platforms. These unique communications capabilities would give the ability to strengthen airpower communications capabilities for next-generation combat and non-combat roles and missions in all domains air, sea, land, subsurface and space.

Our Innovation: to achieve the above objectives, we innovate a large-scale Unmanned Airborne Aircraft carrier mother ship to carry sub unmanned aerial vehicles and the sub unmanned vehicles to carry small vehicles to launch and recover in mid-air. Also added systems to create operational missions interoperability architecture that can integrate the new UAV systems into existing manned and unmanned systems, and space systems for next-generation air superiority and information superiority.




Earth-Based System